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Wetlands !

1180 James Farm Road and

170 Oronoque Lane

Stratford CT

On February 17th 2022, the Appellate Court ruled on the Certification to Appeal, "ORDERED DENIED", thus supporting the Town of Stratford Zoning Commission.

What this means, is that requests need to go through the Wetlands Commission in order to rezone a property within range of Roosevelt Forest from a single (1) residence zoning to a multiple residence (5+) on a single lot. This is to make certain all is safe to preserve both the Forest and/or the environment where so many animal and plant species live in this area.

This is especially true along the deep slope running on the West side of James Farm Road beginning at the intersection of Peters Lane and leveling off toward Leo Lane, a distance of almost 1.5 miles.

To Read the Appellate Court Ruling, Click and Download the PDF File Below!

2022-02-17 Order on Petition for Certification to Appeal - Denied
Download PDF • 75KB


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