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NO GO on Apartment Complex

795 James Farm Road, Stratford CT

Dear Concerned Citizens Group CCG;

In recent findings the Stratford Patch listed 795 James Farm Road as FOR SALE by a realtor and it indicates permission was given to build the proposed 116 unit project. Imagine my shock at seeing this when it is NOT true. See the link below to view what was posted online.

Here is link to that ad:

We wish to assure you that the town of Stratford has NOT approved a zone change to build this high density apartment complex.

In a ruling by Judge Shah, it is not a full approval of a zone change or permission to build the 116 units. She does overturn some of the Commission’s denials, but ultimately she tells the plaintiff (500 North Ave. LLC) that they need to apply to wetlands in order to move forward. That has not happened.

judge shah decision
Download PDF • 1.66MB


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