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795 James Farm Rd—History, Staff Comments, Denials & Appeals

There is a lot of history regarding 500 Ave LLC applications, letters back and forth between attorneys, the Town Administrator, the Conservation Manager, the engineers. A brief overview and copies of some of these documents are provided for you here. This is only a small sample of the amount of paper these applications have generated.

The application by 500 North Ave LLC for multiple buildings with 60 units was denied in 2016 and Judge Radcliff of the Bridgeport Appellate Court also dismissed the plaintiff’s (500 North Ave LLC) three original and three modified applications on July 16, 2018 for 72 units pursuant to Section 8-30g of the Connecticut General Statues at James Farm Road. Judge Radcliff said, “Encouraging the construction, maintenance and availability of affordable housing constitutes a strong public policy of the State of Connecticut, which must be recognized, and respected,” “However,” he said, “Reverence to the concept of affordable housing must not be transformed into a Golden Calf, to be worshiped while other equally compelling public policies are sacrificed.”

Radcliff agreed with the records from public hearings showing the many concerns that outweighed the need for affordable housing at this location.

March 22, 2016 Zoning Commission Comments and Review:

This staff report reviews the application by 500 Ave LLC and lists the denial reasons by the Zoning Commission for spot zoning and a site plan at 795 James Farm Road to build 72 units of Affordable Housing. The applicant appealed the Zoning Commission’s decision. Judge Radcliff dismissed their appeal in the Bridgeport Superior Court.

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