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Point of KNOW Return

Concerned Citizens Group of Stratford, Inc.


CT is known as the land of single-family homes.  We all agree Affordable Housing is needed in the state, however, simply building more affordable housing without thinking about the needs of people that would live in them isn’t enough by itself to solve problems for people with less income.  


Let’s talk about our town of Stratford.


Stratford is not a place that has exclusive enclaves of neighborhoods but has neighborhoods that are broadly inclusive of everyone---all mankind.   Let it be known that Stratford does not build barriers to Affordable Housing.


Stratford’s current housing stock categorized as affordable, is 6.37%.  The town would now be over the ten percent required by the 8-30g classification except that Stratford lost the deed restrictions on Stonybrook Co-Ops and Success Village.  It is also important to note that Stratford has double the minimum federal HUD assistance available for apartment owners to offer reduced rents to low-income tenants and help families become self-sufficient. 


For people with less income to have more Affordable Housing offered in our town, it is important to have a considerate approach for all involved. It’s important to recognize that it matters deeply on an individual level how a person feels about their home and its location.  It is far more than just a roof and four walls.


Although “character of neighborhood” is an ambiguous phrase, in a neighborhood where residents maintain their roots after years of  paying taxes and living in a neighborhood zoned for single family homes without having a close proximity for stores and with no public transportation available, high-density projects  ...

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October 2021

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Video of 1180 James Farm Road & 170 Oronoque Lane
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